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Delta Force Paintball Stockholm

Prison Break

Prison Break

Your friend has been falsely accused of a crime, taken prisoner and is headed for Death Row. His life is in your hands as he counts down the hours to his imminent end when he will be transported from the prison compound to the death chambers. After months of planning, the time has come for you and your escape team to pull off the ultimate release of your friend. You will fight for his justice, where lawyers and money has failed to fight for his freedom. Rally your allies to rescue him from the prison bus and escape with all lives intact. Be careful - there are many obstacles blocking your path in the form of armed guards and perimeter fencing. Don't let anything stand in your way! Get down to Delta Force Paintball now - your mate is counting on you.

See our game zones in action below!

  • Prison Break Features

    • Authentic Prison Bus
    • 2 Strategically placed police cars
  • Delta Force Prison Break Gallery

  • Prison Break Arena Tactics

    • Protect your friend from elimination
    • Stay on the move
    • Hold off attack from the opposition

Delta Force Paintball Netherlands Game Zones

Paintball Netherland has a vast array of movie-set quality game zones – perfect for you to embrace your inner warrior and prove your sniper skills on the battlefield. Whether you’re organising a stag do or hen party, celebrating a kids birthday or simply popping down for a day of adrenaline-fuelled fun, Paintball Netherlands is happy to cater for any occasion. Players need no prior experience – our trained marshals will help guide you through the day and provide you with key tips to help you secure victory!

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